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Learn about a ground-breaking new tool for selling residential solar remotely

Solar Site Design provides its sales teams exclusive access to a proven remote solar sales program together with a revolutionary AI-powered solar software designed to help you close more contracts. 

You don't need to be a technical solar expert to join Solar Site Design!

If you are entrepreneurial and are interested in expanding your sales career, let us show you our efficient processes to close residential solar projects in 24 hours!

You can leverage Solar Site Design leadership team's 15+ years of solar sales experience to become an independent sales agent in your local market. 

We're so excited to add you to our growing nationwide sales team!

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Solar Site Design is committed to accelerating the adoption of clean energy projects worldwide

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Jason Loyet

Solar Site Design
What you will learn on this informational sales opportunity webinar
Power Tips for Solving Customer Acquisition through Relationships
Reduce your organization's risk and create more profits leveraging the Solar Site Design team.
How our Solar Sales Platform Works
Are you a solar sales group or EPC seeking to sell and build more residential projects? You can now sell residential solar through our proven platform!

Expand Into New Markets with Solar Site Design
Are you a remote sales person interested in expanding into new States and Territories? Let us show you how to grow your book of sales and make unlimited profits!
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